About Us

With continuous improvement through compliance monitoring, advanced analytics
and implementations globally, LAB technology evolves to meet the constantly
changing Know Your Customer and Compliance demands of regulators.

About Us

With continuous improvement through compliance monitoring, advanced analytics
and implementations globally, LAB technology evolves to meet the constantly
changing Know Your Customer and Compliance demands of regulators.

Who We Are

Since 2010, LABform has continued to be refined as a constantly improving customer acquisition platform for financial services providers. Originally, LAB Group’s founders started by building custom solutions for customer acquisition which quickly transformed into a specialist business providing core Software as a Service products – LABform and Application Manager.

Why We Are Unique

LAB Group was founded by financial services industry professionals with a focus on our strengths as a specialised service. We provide fast implementation enabling you to offer your customers and adviser groups the ultimate fully digital acquisition and on-boarding experience.

Customer Acquisition

By simplifying your application process, prospective customers are more likely to convert. Thanks to the simplicity of our online application forms, you will find that a higher percentage of customers complete the application process.

Verification and Security

LAB Group strengthens your organisation’s compliance. With customisable solutions, that can be shaped to meet your risk management needs, including satisfying AML/CTF legislation. Our technology delivers strong audit trails for all activity and our industry best practices include data security and automated issuing of important product disclosure documents ensuring compliance control.

White Label Opportunities

Organisations can partner with LAB Group to provide LABform and Application Manager white labels to related parties such as fund managers, boutiques, introducing brokers and other types of affiliates, extending your administration capabilities and drawing in other businesses to your services.

Digitised Onboarding

By cutting out the need for paper forms, you will increase your operational capacity and reduce the time it takes to approve customer applications.

Electronic Identity Verification

With global coverage the LABform identity verification process covers countries including but not limited to Australia, New Zealand, China, United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Know Your Customer

Satisfy Know Your Customer (KYC) obligations as well as providing production ready workflows and data capture for all entity types including Companies, Trusts and Self Managed Super Funds.

AML Risk and Compliance

Simplify and strengthen compliance by implementing a solution that can be shaped to meet your on-going risk management and compliance challenges.

Application Management

As a core product, Application Manager provides visibility for your staff, but also strengthening the customer journey whilst navigating regulatory frameworks and compliance challenges.

Account Establishment API

Our comprehensive APIs allow for seamless initiating of LABform applications from third party data sources such as adviser CRM platforms. Connect to our APIs to retrieve information and documents to create records and establish accounts in your downstream systems.

Leadership Team

Nick Boudrie

Co-Founder and CEO

With 20 years experience in financial services and an early background in technology, credit risk and customer analytics, Nick leads LAB with a keen focus on customer success and deeply understanding the needs of our customers.

Lyndon Webster

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Responsible for LABs product and technical strategic vision, Lyndon is an experienced technologist and an entrepreneurial leader. Lyndon guides LAB by focusing on today and tomorrow, demonstrated by continued investments in research and development.

Marnie Shervey

Chief Operating Officer

Responsible for managing strategic partnerships, marketing, people and strategic planning. With 25 years experience in Financial Services and Software as a Service, Marnie guides LAB operationally with a focus on people, process efficiencies and customer outcomes. In 2019 Marnie completed the Senior Executive MBA program at Melbourne Business School.

Vesta Vanderbeken

Chief Financial Officer

Responsible for the management of all financial aspects of the company, including funding and investor relations. With an extensive investment banking, corporate finance and advisory background, Vesta has an in-depth understanding of the technology sector, in particular, fast-growing Saas companies.

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