October 13, 2022 OITC Creative

LAB Group is pleased to welcome J.P.Morgan Asset Management (“JPMAM”) to the LAB Network.

Headquartered in New York, JPMAM is a leading diversified asset manager for individuals, advisers and institutions. With a storied and distinguished record dating back to 1863, JPMAM manages US$2.5 trillion in assets on behalf of clients of JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM).

JPMAM’s 1,100 investment professionals (portfolio managers, quantitative analysts, traders, risk managers and economists) work together to identify big-picture ideas and develop the deep insights that its globally connected outlook can deliver.

We look forward to empowering JPMAM’s personnel to seamlessly establish investment accounts for their clients and streamline the onboarding experience with our complete suite of regulatory and compliance tools.

Learn more about JPMAM here: https://am.jpmorgan.com/au/en/asset-management/adv/about-us/

To become part of the most connected digital onboarding platform, speak with LAB Group’s expert team or follow this link to book a demo – https://labgroup.com.au/request-a-demo/

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