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The LAB Platform
Enhance your investor experience

The LAB Platform is an end-to-end account opening and digital workflow management platform. Our technology enables your customers’ accounts to be digitally created, verified, and fully operational fast and efficiently.

Our technology orchestrates digital workflow solutions for different use cases to improve the customer journey, accelerate complex customer onboarding and the secure verification of core customer information.

The LAB Platform has been designed and evolved with learning and input from more than 100 leading financial institutions across global markets over the past 12+ years.
The LAB Platform provides:

• Enhanced customer experience
• Complex onboarding and ongoing lifecycle management
• Increased operational efficiencies
• Digital automation to fulfil your compliance requirements
‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎(KYC, AML, FATCA, CRS, DDO and GDPR)
• Reduced risk exposure
• Automated & streamlined processes
• Multi-product & multi-jurisdictional workflows
• Multi-distribution models
• End-to-end remediation and client communication framework

How it Works

The LAB Dynamic Onboarding Framework streamlines all aspects of customer acquisition, from expression of interest to account opening through a simple three-step process.

LAB Onboarding Framework

More than just a form, the LAB Onboarding Framework is an end-to-end account opening and maintenance framework that streamlines all aspects of customer acquisition and lifecycle management.

Our multi-lingual framework supports all application types including complex applications across borders, jurisdictions, and multiple products, providing an innovative digital signature process to streamline customer acquisition.

LAB Application Manager

As part of the Application Manager, our portal allows customers to view the status and requirements of their applications while providing you with a single customer view and oversight of the customer record – allowing for both application management and Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM).

The LAB Application Manager allows you to view and administer customer applications. Follow up leads, gain access to user insights with reporting tools, and manage digital workflows to monitor the progress of customers from beginning to end.

LAB Platform Product Features

• AML/KYC automation and verification (powered by LAB Verify)
• Digital signing capabilities
• Multi-stakeholder transparency tools
• Multi-consent frameworks
• Strong fraud detection and prevention capabilities
• Consumption and distribution of data through APIs
• Compliments your existing technology stack
• Modular and agile
• Data driven rules and exceptions

LAB is ISO27001 certified and GDPR compliant, only temporarily handling customer data to activate accounts with depersonalisation applied to all audit trails.

End to End Customer Acquisition and Onboarding

With both an open architecture and attitude to integrations, LAB Group connects common industry systems in the Stockbroking, Wealth Management and
Funds Management industries. The LAB Dynamic Onboarding Framework powers financial service ecosystems to automate the end to end onboarding process enabling your customer record to be created, verified and fully operational, fast and efficiently.

End to End Customer Acquisition and Onboarding

We provide technology and maintenance to our integration partners whilst considering complex
compliance frameworks and the ultimate end user experience.

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